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"Brazil eats, sleeps and drinks football. It lives football." This is how Pele describes Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world. But there is more to Brazil than just football. It is a Latin-American country that exudes joy for life.

Rivers, wetlands, mountains and plateaus sprinkle the Brazilian landscape. The Amazon flowing across the northern part of Brazil is surrounded by one of the world's largest rainforests, a world Natural Heritage site that abounds with life.

The country is dotted with historical places that tell the tales of struggle and freedom from Portuguese rule. It is a fantasyland interspersed with sandy street towns, the tropical idylls for visitors. The Brazilian coast that extends for 7491 kilometers is lined by beautiful beaches with white sand and is speckled with numerous lighthouses.

Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee. Thus, a typical breakfast or pequeno almoco (breakfast) consists of a piece of French bread accompanied with a cup of cafe come leite. Brazil boasts a rich cuisine. Feijaoda, churrasco, acaraje, pernil, carne de sol, moqueca are the national dishes.

The Brazilians love music and dance. A bar, a living room or even the beach can be a perfect setting for a gathering to transform into a fiesta. Not only the samba and bossa but maracatu, frevo, carimbo are all vibrant aspects of Brazilian culture. Brazil is rich in folk art (artesanato). The wood cuts of Pernambuco (a state), the ceramic dolls of Minas Gerais, and the delicate toys made from buriti palm fibers are just a few examples of objects of art.
Brazil is indeed a fascinating country.


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