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Paris, the cosmopolitan capital of France, is one of the largest agglomerations in Europe. Located in the north of France on the river Seine, Paris has the well deserved reputation of being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, brimming with historic associations and remaining vastly influential in the realms of culture, art, fashion, food and design.

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The outlook of France by Author Joséphin Péladan- “Her destiny is never to be mediocre.” - will indeed be voiced by all.

France - a country of overwhelming dramatic beauty where painting, sculpture, music, dance, architecture, photography, fashion and film all flourish. Its treasure trove of cathedrals, abbeys and basilicas, palaces, châteaux and fortresses, museums and galleries provide evidence of the amazingly rich historic and cultural heritage. It boasts 37 UNESCO world heritage sites.

The nation is sprinkled with charming medieval towns, picturesque villages and beautiful vineyards while its people are filled with “joie de vivre" ('exuberant enjoyment of life). It gave the world the expression “chauvinism” and is believed to have invented romance. France produced famous artists such as Jean Fouquet, Renoir, Rodin, Claude Monet and Georges Braque and writers such as Victor Hugo and Voltaire. History’s most renowned artists, Spaniard Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró and Dutch-born Vincent van Gogh sought inspiration in the country, giving rise to the Impressionist movement.

Lying between the Mediterranean Sea to the southeast and the Bay of Biscay and English Channel to the north and west, France comprises flat plains and low rolling hills to the north and the west. Rest of the country is mountainous with the Pyrenees in the south-west along the Spanish border and the Alps in the south- east. Thus encompassing a variety of landscapes, France is home to a number of animals including brown bears, red squirrels, wild boars, coypus, genets, marbled newts, stone martens and birds like hoopoes, griffon vultures, white throated dippers and pink flamingoes.

5500 km of its coastline offers varied array of beaches. The shingle beaches along the rocky, jagged Mediterranean coast (the Côte d'Azur) are dotted with cabanas and radiate style. With several marinas along this coast, it is a major yachting and cruising area. Long sandy sunny beaches backed by pine forests comprise the Atlantic coast. Rustling marshes form a part of nature reserves. Delightful small idyllic islands dot the coast.

Well known for good taste, fashion is an important part of the French cultural life and society. Fashion houses like Hermès, Chanel, Givenchy and Christian Dior have their headquarters in France.

“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.” says the American chef, Julia Child. Haute cuisine has delightful food and wine to offer. French gastronomy was awarded the world heritage status when UNESCO added it in its list of world’s ‘intangible cultural heritage’ in November 2010.


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